“Real boundaries are determined by spoken languages”

Jean-Jacques Annaud

Why is Business English Training different?

The answer is simple, my job is my hobby.

Since 2008 I have been dealing with business and economic English language teaching and the acquisition of practical skills in this field. In addition to the introduction of the business English language used at workplace, I am also focusing on the practical application of solid grammatical knowledge.

What do you get for your money? Personalized and varied educational methods. You can be assured that, apart from assessing individual needs, I will ensure continuous progress and development. An integral part of the curriculum is also the compilation of various extra materials (newspaper articles, reports, audio and video) and their understandable elaboration.

Following the “The Customer is King” philosophy, your full satisfaction is my main priority and I guarantee a high level of work.

Who will be your trainer? I’m Balázs Mály, graduated from the Eötvös Loránd University of American Studies (MA) as a language teacher and as an economist at the International Business Economics (BSc) in the Foreign Trade Faculty of the Budapest Economic University.

Mály Balázs


How may I help you?


When learning a foreign language, the practical use of the target language can be a common problem. In addition to creating grammatical basis for logical speech, I can help you gain the right communication routine skills.

My primary goal is to update the knowledge that has already been gained but later forgotten. The basics of the given knowledge are based on your demands. Extra materials (news articles, reports, videos) are essential elements of my teaching methods, which are essential in everyday use.


In general, even having a presentation in a Hungarian language can be challenging to the presenter. In English, of course, the latter is even harder. I can also help you with the elaboration of the proper design and layout of your presentation.

Without knowing the typical situations arising at conferences, I can hardly make contact with new business partners, thus, I will assist you in learning smooth, routine dialogues with situational role-playing games dealing with a number of topics and up-to-date terms.


(Correspondence / Telephone / Meeting Customers, etc.))

Day-to-day tasks such as sending e-mails, making phone calls with foreign partners and customers are prerequisites for the successful operation and growth of any successful business. In many cases an incorrectly composed English letter or a ponderous telephone conversation can have the appearance of unpreparedness and incompetence in the eye of the Client. Tasks according to the specific expectations and needs of a company make the preparation and the catching-up process easier to the desired level. Communicate easily and correctly with your current and future business partners!

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I will be happy to help you. Please feel free to ask and contact me at your convenience. In case you call me and I can not answer, I will call You back soon.